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Friday, July 27, 2018

July 2018 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes HOA Meeting Minutes and News
July 19,2018
Attendance:    26 residents, 5 Board members, Susan Keene & Larry Edwards (PSG)
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
June Minutes Approved
Treasurer’s Report:             Checking Account Balance:                 $32,944
                                                Reserve Fund (roofing project):         $104.810
                                                Money Market (reserve fund):          $51,282
                                                YTD Profit & Loss:                                 $14,034
                                                % of budget after 6 months:              40%
Committee Reports:  
1.      Social Committee:  The Alphabet Pitch in last month was a great success with every table and chair filled.  Participants especially liked the Coleslaw Pasta.  Included with your minutes is the recipe that you asked to receive.

Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s Saturday, August 11th at 9:30am

Women’s Lunch Saturday, August 11th at Pit Stop in Brownsburg.  Meet at the clubhouse at 11:30am.  RSVP to Janell Miller (317-506-0758).

Saturday, August 18th Community Luau.  RSVP to Janell Miller ( 317-506-0758)  or Geri Conway (317-506-9344).  Bring your favorite dish.  Meat and drinks provided.
Saturday, September 8th Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast at the clubhouse.  We will have another breakfast by popular demand.  More info to follow.
Clubhouse Committee:  We have completed this year’s refreshing of the clubhouse. In addition to the new paint, new artwork was donated and volunteers installed chair rails to protect the walls.  What a difference this has made! A special thankyou to Caroline King, Brandon Henton, Larry Edwards, Dave Jones, Dave Miller, Randy Simmons, Dave Richardson, Don Ulrey, Maggie Jones and Anne Inman who contributed time and resources to the clubhouse face lift. 
We want to also thank our new residents Renee, Tim and Bailey Cookerly for donating the smooth top range.
We hope you will be encouraged to use the clubhouse for family get-togethers.  Residents can rent the clubhouse for $50 with a refundable $75 security deposit.  We greatly appreciate the cleaning job residents are doing when they finish using the facility.

2.     Community Directory:  Final call for changes to the directory.  Contact Anne Inman (317-504-9268) for last minute changes.  Directories will be out in August.  Special thankyou to Peggy Burke for updating the directory.

3.      Architecture & Landscaping Committee:  Mr. Sandavol will be in the neighborhood doing some special projects this week.  There are about 30 properties that have wild mulberries taking root in their flower beds, along the back and sides of the building.  Growing Image did a special spot treatment of weeds growing along the sidewalks and driveways this week.  The Board is discussing the pro’s and con’s of adding a 5th treatment.  The stumps of the trees taken down throughout the neighborhood will be taken out soon.  We will seed these areas in early September.

The question came up as to what trees are recommended to plant.  Good options include the Cleveland pear tree, locust, red bud, red maples and Japanese maples. Stay away from Bradford pears, birch trees, ash, soft maples, pin oaks and crab apples.  Planting of new trees requires approval of the architecture and landscaping committee.
Old Business: 
The Book Box will be installed by the backdoor of the clubhouse this week. You may borrow or donate books. Thanks to Dawn Lowden for donating this to the Community.
New Business:
It was brought to our attention that a few are not picking up after their dogs.  This is just a reminder since our residents have always done a good job in this area.
The Board will be discussing the possibility of a rental policy to deter investors from buying up homes to use as rental property.  Right now we have 11 rental units.  Currently there are no guidelines in the Covenants regarding number of rental units.  Dawn Lowden explained many Hendricks County communities are putting in rental restrictions which will steer investors to communities like ours who have none.  The Board is doing their homework and will present options for future discussion. To amend the Covenants, it would require approval by 75% of our residents (after 20 yrs.).  Current rentals would be grandfathered.
Door Prize Winner:  Judy Bolin
Meeting Adjourned
Next Meeting Thursday, August 17th at 6:30.   Mark your calendar!

Peggy Gibbs (317) 272-0937 is offering a custom shelf which fits in the front window that is great for plants and other decorations.  Call Peggy for more details and to take a look.  No charge to a good home!
Brandon Henton ( 317) 837-9860 is available to hire for landscaping, painting and other handyman services.

Anne Inman, Board Secretary

Thursday, June 28, 2018

June 2018 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes HOA Board Meeting Minutes & News
June 21, 2018
Attendance:  25 residents, 5 Board members, Larry Edwards & Susan Keene (PSG)
Call to Order:                             6:35pm
Pledge of Allegiance
May Minutes Approved
Treasurer’s Report:                    Checking Account Balance:          $45,220   (through May 31st)
                                                       Reserve Fund:                                  Roofing Reserve:  $98,752
                                                                                                                   CD:                           $51,282
                                                         Profit & Losst:                                                                   $20,662
                                                         % of Budget:                                   28% (after 5 months)
Committee Reports:
1.     Social Committee: 
This Saturday, June 30th  Noon -2:30    “Alphabet Pitch-In”  Bring a side dish that corresponds with your name.  Meat and drinks provided.   Rain or Shine at the Clubhouse.

Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s Saturday , July 14th  at 9:30am.

Ladies Lunch                Saturday, July 14th at  Rick’s Boatyard.  Meet at clubhouse at 11:20am.  RSVP:  Geri Conway (317) 268-4353 or Janell Miller (317) 506-0758

Saturday, August 18th Community     “ Luau”  More information to come.

Saturday, September 8th “ Biscuit’s & Gravy” Breakfast 

2.     Clubhouse Committee:  The clubhouse has received a fresh coat of paint on the walls, ceiling, trim and doors.  This was paid for out of the reserve fund established this year for clubhouse improvements.  The windows will be replaced in 2019 and flooring in 2020 if all goes well. Volunteers will be changing the outlets & switch plates to white and installing chair rails.   Contact PSG if you would like to rent the clubhouse for a function.  Rental is $50 plus a $75 deposit which will be returned if it is cleaned and no damages.

3.     Community Phone Directory:   A  2018 update will be delivered in September.  See the attached  information form.

4.     Architecture & Landscaping Committee:   Volunteers have been spraying weed killer, fertilizing shrubs, putting down grub control, picking up trash, changing light bulbs, cleaning up the entrances and common areas.  Mr. Sandavol will be trimming low branches which interfere with the mowing service later this summer.  5 dead pine trees in backyards will be cut down by Matt’s Tree Service this month.
Old Business:
1.     The large pond (#4) at the end of Waterford Court has a fountain out.  The motor and blades were melted.  One explanation might be a lightning strike caused the damage, but we cannot be sure.
At this rate, we have been replacing one fountain each year for the past 3 years. We just put a new fountain in pond #1 in April.  The following is an estimate of what it costs annually to operate our four fountains:                                               
                                                                                 Electricity - $2500
                                                                                 New Fountain - $3500
                                                                                 Storage & Maintenance - $1500
Total :   $7500 or $71 per residence annually.
The Board is discussing how best to  fund this category in the 2019 Budget while setting up a     reserve fund for replacing fountains that go down.  Considerations will include warranty, service contracts, maintenance, lifespan, horsepower, spray and manufacturer.

2.     The lending library book box is in.  Larry Edwards will be installing the book box on a post by the backdoor of the clubhouse.  Thanks to Dawn Lowden for purchasing the book box for our community.  Next month we will have more information to share.  We welcome your used paperbacks for our lending library.
New Business:                   No questions or discussion.
Door Prize Winner:          Mary Lou Bell
Adjourned:                         7:10pm

Announcements:              August 1st Creation Museum Bus Trip sponsored by the Avon Methodist Church.  Cost is $79 which includes bus fair, ticket, lunch and snacks.  If you would like to go contact Barbara Stauch  (317) 272-4032.
                                                      FREE Baldwin Spinet Piano in excellent condition.  Great for a family, community center, church or preschool.  If you are interested, contact John Brewer (317) 507-5703.
                                                      Handyman, Painting & Landscaping Services:  Contact Brandon Henton (PSG) at 317-837-9860.

Mark your calendar the next HOA Meeting
Thursday, July 19th 6:30pm at the Clubhouse

Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes HOA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Attendance:       Caroline King, Don Ulrey, Anne Inman, Susan Keene, Larry Edwards, 14 Residents
Call to Order:      6:35pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of April Minutes
Treasurer’s Report:          Checking Account Balance:           $48,465
                                             Roofing Reserve Fund:                  $92,693
                                             CD:                                                   $51,283
                                             Year-to-date Profit & Loss:            $22,919
                                             % of Budget through April:            22%
                                             2018 Snow removal/salting entrances & clubhouse expense: $5163
Committee Reports:
Social Committee:            Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s Saturday, June 9th at 9:30am.
Women’s Lunch Saturday, June 23rd 11:30 depart clubhouse (Japanese), RSVP Janell Miller 317-506-0758.
Alphabet Pitch-in Picnic at Clubhouse Saturday, June 30th (more information to come).
Announcements:              Anne Myers (333 Waterford Lane) passed away Tuesday, May 15th; Joe Richardson is in Hendricks County Hospital ICU; Welcome to our new residents: Joann & Bob Richardson (344 Lakewood Court), Sandy Chaney (369 Waterford Lane), Sandra Exline (8085 Crystal Court).
Clubhouse Committee: The Board has approved painting the clubhouse interior out of the clubhouse reserve fund in this year’s budget.  New bulbs will be put in the ceiling light fixtures and LED bulbs in the kitchen.  The kitchen faucet has been replaced. These clubhouse improvements will be coordinated with the rental schedule. Future improvements will include replace the glass in the front windows and new flooring.
Architecture & Landscaping:       The new fountain has been put in Pond #1.  The Pond #4 fountain is still out. Growing Image has ordered a new GFI breaker for the controller.   The clubhouse flagpole was damaged this winter with water freezing underground. This area does not drain properly so we are returning it back to grass.  Volunteers will be working in the neighborhood on special projects. If you see lime green t-shirts thank them.
The Indianapolis Fire Department and Citizen’s Water teamed up to paint the  fire hydrants in our neighborhood.
Old Business:      Sidewalks:  It was suggested by residents that we have volunteers power wash the sidewalks in the neighborhood.  The Board has decided not to purchase a power washer due to budget restraints, storage issues, ongoing  equipment maintenance, hose length and access to water.  Larry Edwards commented that it is easy to burn up the motor if not properly handled. Currently none of PSG’s other properties  provide this service. 
Book Box:  Dawn Lowden reports that the neighborhood book box should be here in    the next 6 weeks. Paperback donations are welcome.
Ponds:  Neighbors have commented on the vegetation growth under water. Aquatic weed control treatment was done in the past week.  Blue dye will be put in the ponds next week to help slow down the growth.  This is a new step this year to better control the vegetation. Please do not feed the geese.
New Business:    Landscaping:   If you are unable to cleanup your own landscaping (weeding, mulching, digging, weed barrier, etc), we recommend you contact Brandon at PSG (317-837-9860) and he will quote you a price for the work you need done.  Brandon is reasonable and he does good work. 
Mr. Sandavol will be trimming shrubs late June.
There will be a second lawn treatment (fertilizer and weed control) in the next week weather permitting.
Door Prize Winner:          Becky Ulrey
Mark Your Calendars for the HOA Meeting  Thursday, June 21st 6:30pm

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April 2018 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting Minutes & News April 19, 2018
Attendance:       25 residents, 4 Board Members, 2 PSG
Call To Order:     6:30pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval March Minutes
Treasurer’s Report:          Don Ulrey presented the financials through March.
     Checking Account:                           $47,514
     Roofing Reserve Fund:                     $92,775 (Paid in full roofing materials for 7 units- $47,228)
     Certificate of Deposit:                      $51,282
     Profit & Loss:                                     $14,881
     % of Budget Spent to date:                   10%
Committee Reports:
Social Committee:  The Biscuits & Gravy breakfast was very well attended even with all the snow.  Thank you for making it a success. Yum Yum! 
Welcome packets and gifts were delivered this month to 3 new residents.
Mark your calendar for the Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s Saturday, May12th  at 9:30am.
June 23rd will be the next women’s lunch. Contact Janell Miller to RSVP at 317-506-0758.
More community social events are to be announced in the near future.
Clubhouse Committee:  We are currently receiving bids for painting the clubhouse walls and ceiling as the first step in updating the clubhouse. 
Architecture & Landscaping Committee:  River rock for the south entrance and mulch for the shade garden will be put down the weekend of April 28th by Mr. Sandavol. 
The new fountain has been ordered for Pond #2. Cost for the new fountain is $3500.  Cost for fountain storage and maintenance estimated to be $1500 annually. And, fountain electricity runs about $2500 per year.  The fountain at Pond #4 (large pond) is continuing to trip out. Growing Image is working to analyze the problem and cost to repair.  
Due to the very wet winter residents are noticing more chick weed this Spring.  The 1st & 2nd lawn treatments include a broadleaf weed killer and fertilizer.  The second treatment will be applied the end of May.
A  special  thank you to the volunteers who continue to pick up trash along Dan Jones Road and around the ponds.  It seems like the trash pickup days have been extremely windy.  Do your best to secure your trash. If you need help picking up trash in your yard or changing a light bulb contact Anne Inman (317-504-9268) and we will send a volunteer to your home.
Old Business:      Snow Removal. 
PSG will be getting bids for snow removal next year. Guidelines for snow removal were discussed by the Board that PSG will communicate and specify in the bid.  You will be seeing more information on this topic in the Fall. We will take into consideration your feedback and suggestions to improve this service.
New Business:   
1.     By acclamation Maggie Jones and David Richardson were re-elected to the Board of Directors.  Officers will remain the same: Maggie Jones President, Caroline King VP, Don Ulrey Treasurer, Anne Inman Secretary.

2.     Randy Geyer, our HOA insurance agent with Nationwide, made an educational presentation with a Q&A.  Takeaways from the discussion include the following:
·       Our HOA has done a good job over the years managing our losses.
·       The HOA Policy insures “walls in to original specifications and current code.”
·       This means if you have made any additions/alterations to your residence you should provide your insurance company with a record of these upgrades with receipts.  This includes your windows, doors, furnace, air conditioner, water softener, appliances, flooring, trim work, decks, cabinets, counters, toilets, light fixtures, etc.  You should have what is called an HO6 Policy (condo) and not a HO3 Policy (homeowners) or renters insurance.  Randy recommends you setup a care review with your insurance agent.
·       It is recommended that you carry a minimum of $300,000 liability in your HO6 policy. For example, if you started a kitchen fire and burnt down the unit, you would be responsible.
Door Prize Winner:          Richard Conway                 won a Starbucks gift card.

1.     Next HOA Board Meeting scheduled Thursday, May 17th

2.     West 10th Street (100 N) just west of Ronald Regan will be closed April 23rd for a culvert replacement.  Estimated to be a 45 day closure.
3.     100N & 900E to be closed starting June 4th for a roundabout.  Estimated 70 day completion timeframe.

4.     Be aware of contractor scams or anyone saying they are with the property management company (PSG).  Be suspicious; ask to see their identification; do not invite inside; and call PSG at 317-837-9860 to verify. 


Anne Inman, Secretary

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March 2018 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2018

Attendance:            18 residents, 4 Board Members, 2 PSG
Call To Order                                                                                                                                                                            6:35pm
January Minutes Approved
Treasurer’s Report:                    2018 Financials through February
Checking:                                                 $39,079
Profit & loss:                                             $13,780  
Roofing Reserve Fund           :                  $86,051 (’18 materials paid in full)
Certificate of Deposit:                               $51,282
% of Budget Spent:                                             7%
Committee Reports:
Social Committee:                  Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast is scheduled for this Saturday, March 24th from 8:30am to *10:30am.  RSVP to Janell Miller (317-506-0758). Residents who attended last year raved about the food. Please feel free to contact Anne Inman (317-504-9268 ) if you need a ride to the breakfast or would like to have breakfast delivered. A volunteer would be glad to make this happen.
 A Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday each month at 9:30am. Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 14th.
Architecture & Landscaping Committee:           The old crumbling cement curbs at the clubhouse parking lot have been replaced with new rubber curb stops. River rock is to be spread in April behind the south entrance walls to keep down weeds.  Black mulch is to be spread at the shade garden in April.  Rose bushes at the entrances are being trimmed and ornamental grasses cut down. Mr. Sandavol’s contract has been renewed to do the mowing & trimming from 2018-2020. The average cost per unit is $10 per mow.  Volunteers have been picking up trash all winter.  As the weather improves check your back and side yards for trash that may have blown into your yard.  It has been a windy winter!  The roofing project will begin again this Spring.
Election Committee:              Elections for the Board of Directors will be Thursday, April 19th 6:30pm at the clubhouse.
Clubhouse Committee:         It was announced that the clubhouse will be updated this Spring with a fresh coat of paint, pictures, light fixture and sound panels. If you would like to volunteer for this project contact Caroline King at 317-709-5905.
Old Business:         Barbara Stauch  led a discussion on clubhouse rental.  The Board clarified that when renting the clubhouse for a function, the key would be made available by 5pm the day before at no extra charge. There was further discussion about the $75 security deposit. When renting the clubhouse, no different than renting a car, a walk-around is done when receiving the key.  Some residents felt we should not refund the deposit if the clubhouse is not in a satisfactory condition after the event, including bathrooms cleaned, tables/chairs back in place, refrigerator emptied, garbage disposal run, lights & fans off, thermostat reset and all trash taken out.  The clubhouse is for resident convenience and provides an opportunity for social functions to get to know your neighbors. 
New Business:       The two candidates for the two open Board slots introduced themselves.  Dave Richardson and Maggie Jones are both running for re-election.  There was discussion about the HOA’s history from the floor.  Residents expressed how pleased they were with the open Board Meetings, staying within budget, no special assessments, PSG as property manager and  Sandavol’s landscaping services.
Residents asked about long range plans for driveways and sidewalks.  The driveways and sidewalks will be addressed when the roofing project is completed however resident safety is paramount.  There are a couple sidewalk tripping hazards that will be addressed in this year’s budget.
Meeting Adjourned
Door Prize Winner was Peggy Gibbs!

Board Secretary

HOA Annual Meeting is April 19th at 6:30pm

Thursday, February 22, 2018

February 2018 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2018

Attendance:            32 residents, 5 Board Members, PSG
Call To Order:                                                                                                                                                                          6:35pm
January Minutes Approved
Treasurer’s Report:                                2018 through January 31st Numbers
 Checking:                                                                    $32,496
                                                                 Profit & loss:                                                               $5797
                                                                 Roofing Reserve Fund           :                                   $81,303
                                                                 Certificate of Deposit:                                                $51,282
                                                                  % of Budget Spent:                                                    4%
$47,000 was spent the end of 2017 to lock down the cost for 2018 roofing materials.  We were able to take advantage of a group purchase with another HOA through PSG.  It was important to take this step due to rising costs/material shortages as a result of the hurricanes in 2017.
2017 Year-end Numbers:
Profit/Loss:                                                                  $8,323
% of Budget Spent:                                                     97%
Committee Reports:
Social Committee:                  Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th from 8:30am to 10:30am.  Residents who attended last year raved about the food. Please feel free to contact Anne Inman (317-504-9268 ) if you need a ride to the breakfast or would like to have breakfast delivered. A volunteer would be glad to make this happen.  A Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday each month at 9:30am. Mark your calendar for    March 10th!
Architecture Committee:     Several residents have had new windows approved.  Average turn around for approval has been 12 days.  Please contact Caroline King or PSG if you would like to volunteer on the landscape committee this year.
Election Committee:              As stated in the January minutes, we have elections coming up for 2 open Board positions (3 year terms each).  If you are interested in running, contact PSG no later than Saturday, March 10th.  We would encourage you to submit a paragraph or two about why you are interested in running for the Board to be included in the election packet. Thursday, March 15th at 6:30pm will be a Meet the Candidates Night.  If you have a question that you would like all candidates to touch on, please call PSG by March 10th.
Clubhouse Committee:  The following reminders when renting the clubhouse:
·       Arrange tables and chairs the way you found them.
·       Empty all trash bins including bathrooms.  Take trash bags with you.
·       Mop the kitchen, entry, hallway and bathroom floors.
·       Contact Caroline King ( 317) 709-5905 at least 24 hours in advance of rental to pick up the key.
·       Only a resident can rent the facility and sign the contract. The resident must be present during the event.
Old Business:
Dawn Lowden (317) 414-9099 updated us on recent Waterford Lake’s home sales.  Five units have sold for $150K or more in recent months.  Dawn has worked closely with appraisers to increase the resale value by looking at comps outside of Waterford Lakes.
New Business:
Suzie Jamerson asked to be on the Agenda by contacting PSG prior to the meeting.
1.     Suzie asked the Board to consider dropping the $25 charge to rent the clubhouse a second day. 

The Board had approved keeping the rental fee at $50/day with a $75 security deposit.  If a resident would like to rent the clubhouse the day before their event, the fee would be discounted to $25. This was decided after discussing the clubhouse costs with residents at the October and November meetings.  It was also decided not to rent the clubhouse to non-residents due to insurance reasons. The cost to maintain the Clubhouse in 2017 was $4467 including upkeep and utilities.  Rental revenue for 2017 was $900.

2.     Suzie brought up the issue we have had with ice this year and would like to see the HOA pay to put down ice melt from door to mailbox.
Larry Edwards reiterated that residents can call for additional ice melt to be dropped off anytime.  Many residents don’t use the ice melt so we do not wish to waste resources.
The Board discussed this further and will make volunteers available to put ice melt down to the mailbox if a resident desires and has no one to do this for them.  Several residents came forward after the meeting and volunteered to help.  Contact Anne Inman (317) 504-9268 if you need ice melt put down and we will orchestrate this effort.   Amount spent on snow removal/ice melt in January was $2278.
3.     Suzie was concerned that residents were feeling left out with the Social Committee Chairs putting on a private “thank you for your support” lunch.  She commented that we all pay HOA dues whether we can attend a social event or not. 

A resident mentioned that it would have been better not to imply a social function for something like this as it gives the wrong impression.
The Board agreed.  Since this was funded solely with personal funds/contributions this was fine, but not to do a private event under the name of social committee chairs moving forward. Suzie’s point was well taken and lessons learned.
The Board and residents thanked the social committee for all they have tried to do this past year.  The social/welcome committee spent $763 in 2017 for two breakfasts, four special events and welcome gifts.  These events were made possible thanks to all the homeowners who made donations of time, money and resources including decorations, food, baked goods, tents, transportation, and announcement flyers.  Money left over from the social/welcome committee budget goes to the clubhouse reserve fund for future renovations. 
The idea of the social events is to get to know your neighbors and have fun so that you do not take the association life too seriously (HOALeader).
Meeting Adjourned
Door Prize Winner was Anna Brown (new Lake View Court resident). Congratulations!

Next HOA Board Meeting is March 15th at 6:30pm


Board Secretary