Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association

Waterford Lakes HOA Minutes

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Special Meeting

Waterford Lakes HOA Special Meeting
Monday, September 9th         6:30pm

Date:              August 25, 2019
TO:      Residents

The President of our Homeowner’s Association has called a Special Meeting for Monday, September 9th @ 6:30pm.  The meeting has been scheduled to meet the requirements of our By-laws and to give our new homeowner’s the opportunity to cast their ballot/proxy.   In addition, a ballot will be cast for a corrected proxy.  This step will finalize the vote on the Sign and Owner-Occupancy Amendments.
Our attorney Scott Tanner passed away during the voting process and his staff has been overwhelmed trying to pick up the pieces in his absence. They have just finished the process of matching proxies/ballots to the names on each property deed to authenticate the votes.  During this time, we have had a change of ownership at two units and a proxy that has to be recast in the correct owner’s name.  To legally cast these votes by the named proxy-holders, it must be done at a Special Meeting called by the President and communicated by the Secretary.
We would appreciate it if you would stop by the Clubhouse Monday, September 9th @ 6:30pm for a very short meeting.  There will be nothing else on the agenda that night other than the formality of the balloting.  No matter how you voted, you can be assured that this process was legal and monitored every step of the way by our attorney’s office.

Anne Inman, Board Secretary

Monday, August 12, 2019

Exterior Lighting Option Bulletin

Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association
Exterior Lighting Option Bulletin
August, 2019

Several residents came to the Board with a proposal to upgrade their exterior lighting fixtures and move away from the construction grade lights provided by the builder.  The rationale was that this is another inexpensive way to update our community with a more custom look, create positive visual appeal and increase property values.  Lighting creates safety and beauty to our architecture and landscape.
The Board approved the family of lights listed below that are an aesthetically appealing.  If you choose to go with this upgrade, it will be at your own expense.  The lights are available through Lowes and are very reasonable.  You will also be responsible for installation. You can order the lights online if you do not find stock on the shelves at Lowes.
The new lights are on display @ 251 Lake View Court if you would like to see them.  This is voluntary and optional.  You may keep your current exterior lights.
Approved Exterior Light Specifications:

Garage Wall Lantern:      #0338651 Portfolio Outdoor Brayden Mystic Black Medium Base               $59.99
                                                      (Takes GE Relax LED Soft White Bulb Candelabra Base CAC 60w equivalent)
Post Lantern:                        #0338654 Portfolio Outdoor Brayden Mystic Black                                                $59.99
                                                      (Takes GE Relax LED Soft White Bulb Candelabra Base CAC 60w equivalent)
Porch Ceiling Light:          #0338579 Portfolio Outdoor Brayden Mystic Black                                                $19.99
                                                      (Takes GE Relax LED Soft White Clear Bulb 60w equivalent medium base G250)

This is another step in making our units more custom/higher end and increase curb appeal.  You may wish to spray paint your lamp post with rustoleum black matte or semi gloss paint to give it a fresh look.

Approved by,
Board of Directors

Friday, July 12, 2019

June 2019 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes HOA Board Meeting
June 20, 2019  Minutes

Attendance:       17 residents, 5 Board members, Susan Keen & Larry Edwards (PSG)
Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance
April Minutes Approved As Written
Treasurer’s Report:         Checking (May 31st)                            $30,396
                                                      Roofing Reserve:                                 $71,128
First Merchants CD:                          $51,357
                                                      Year-to-date profit/loss:                                  +$14,443
                                                      % of budget thru May:                      28%
Committee Reports:
                  Social:                     Upcoming Calendar of Events
·       Saturday, July 6th 6:30pm – 8:30pm  Block Party @ Clubhouse (Sponsored by Anne & Nancy. Details under new business)
·       Saturday, July 6th  9:30am  Men’s Breakfast @ Emmy’s
·       Saturday, July 20th Ladies Lunch @ Sal’s In Brownsburg (RSVP to Janell Miller)
·       Saturday, July 27th  8:30am -10:30am Breakfast Gathering @ Clubhouse (flyer coming)
·       Saturday, August 3rd   9:30am Men’s Breakfast @ Emmy’s
·       Saturday, August 17th  Ladies Lunch served by Amish Lady  RSVP to Janell (317-506-0758)
Landscaping & Architecture:
Sandavol Landscaping hopes to start trimming the shrubs next weekend weather permitting.  This may take more than one weekend to complete the project.  The shrubs in your front flower bed and around the utility boxes will be done.  If you are in need of additional shrubs trimmed on the side or back of your house, you can make arrangements and pay Mr. Sandavol personally (as several of our residents are doing).
·       Brandon Henton, an employee of PSG, also is available to hire for landscaping & interior projects. Call 317-625-6439 or 317-837-9860.
·       Just a reminder to fill out a Architecture & Landscaping Change Form for approval before making any exterior changes to your property, windows or doors.
Old Business:
·       Don Ulrey discussed the need for residents to seriously consider purchasing the Utility Shield insurance policy through Citizens Energy Group (888-544-4541).  This policy covers your water and sewer lines that run from the meter under your home.  We just had another home on Crystal Court with a water line break. Fortunately, the resident had the insurance.  Utility Shield costs $14.95/month.  Your HO6 Homeowner’s Policy does not cover these lines.  Policies offered by other utilities are not recommended based upon our experience.  Repairs to water/sewer lines have run $2,500 - $6,000 depending on extent of excavation.
New Business:
·       Maggie Jones said she was contacted by Frontier Internet for the purpose of notifying our residents that Frontier is now servicing this area.  You will need to contact Frontier directly for pricing information (frontierinternet.com).

·       Anne Inman & Nancy Fitzgerald are throwing a Community-wide Block Party Saturday, July 6th 6:30pm to 8:30pm @ the clubhouse parking lot.  Your family members and friends are welcome to join the fun. We will have LIVE music & entertainment. Good Humor ice cream and drinks will be provided at no charge.  Please bring your lawn chairs if you have any.  You will need to park on the street.  We will be accepting donations to the WHY NOT TODAY non-profit that raise cows and chickens to serve the hungry in Hendrick’s County. John & Joy Shew’s daughter Jenny and son-in-law started the non-profit and devote a tremendous amount of their time & resources.  This Spring WHY NOT TODAY took out our dead shrubs at the north entrance & clubhouse and spread the mulch at the shade garden.  Everyone is invited!

Door Prize Drawing:        Winner Judy Bolin
Meeting Adjourned


Anne Inman, Secretary

NEXT MEETING August 15th @ 6:30pm
Due to the many social events in July there will be no meeting.

Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association Bulletin

Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association Bulletin      
June 26, 2019

Hardship Exception Policy for Rental Ban

With the approval of the Rental Ban Amendment, it is important to outline a Hardship Exception Policy and Procedure for the Association.  Pursuant to Article XIV, Section (n) of the Declaration for Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association, leasing/rental of units in the Waterford lakes Community is generally prohibited.  There is, however, an exception where the provisions of the declaration impose a hardship upon the owner.  In such case, the owner may petition the board of directors for a written waiver of the rental restriction as to that owner’s home based upon the hardship.  For the purpose of this section, hardship examples include:

(a)  A situation in which the owner has a prolonged illness or injury requiring the owner to live in a hospital, nursing home, or similar assisted living facility for an extended period of time, and preventing him or her from residing in his or her home in Waterford Lakes.

(b)  A military deployment to a location more than 100 miles from the Waterford Lakes community, which deployment will result in the absence of the owner for more than six (6) consecutive months.  The board may request written proof of deployment as a condition of granting a waiver.

(c)   A situation in which a member of the owner’s family is in need of physical assistance for an extended period of time (i.e. to recover from an illness or injury), and such family member lives more than 50 miles from the Waterford Lakes community. “Family member” shall be defined as an owner’s spouse, brother, sister, parent, stepparent, child, stepchild, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew.
The board may, at its discretion, grant hardship waivers based upon other circumstances.  A homeowner’s choice to spend a portion of any calendar year residing in another location shall not, in itself, constitute a hardship. A petition for waiver will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  A waiver granted in one instance shall not obligate the board to grant a waiver in a different, but similar instance. In the event the board grants a hardship waiver, it may impose conditions including restrictions on the term of the lease/rental permitted under such waivers. Upon expiration of the waiver, an owner must submit a new petition for waiver for any subsequent rental of the owner’s unit.  Repeated petitions for waiver by an owner may be considered as a basis for denial of such owner’s petition for waiver.

Monday, April 1, 2019

March 2019 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes Homeowners Association Special Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2019

Attendance:  4 Board Members, 2 Property Managers, 26 residents
Call to Order & Pledge
February Minutes Approved
Treasurers Report:                              Checking Account:                              $38,145
                                                                        Roofing Reserve Fund:                     $121,796
                                                                        Certificate of Deposit:                     $51,357

Committee Reports:
                  Social Committee:
·       Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s                              Saturday, April 13th @ 9:30am
·      Ladies Lunch at Grays Cafeteria                    Saturday, April 6th  RSVP to Janell 317-506-0758
·       “Potato Bar” Lunch  Gathering                    Saturday May 18th @ 1:00pm ( flyer to come)
·      Next “Game Day” (clubhouse)                      Wednesday, April 18th  from 1pm-3:30pm
·       Community Garage Sale                                    June 21st & 22nd
·       Keep Saturday evening July 6th open…exciting announcement coming soon
Landscaping & Architecture:
·       Be sure to submit the architecture/landscaping change form for approval before making any exterior/landscaping changes
·       The North Entrance will be refreshed with the removal of the large dying yews and the addition of 12 cubic yards of large river rock and Preen for weed control.
·       Joy Shew, our resident “green thumb”, will be planting wave petunias to add some much needed color at the entrances.
·       At the South Entrance, the old daylilies will be replaced with the wave petunias.
·       6 cubic yards of black mulch will be spread to freshen up the Shade Garden once again.
·       The arbivitaes and dead shrubs along the west side of the clubhouse are to be removed. Next year the landscaping around the clubhouse will be evaluated.
·       At some point this season, lower tree limbs interfering with the mowers and sidewalks will be trimmed.
·       You may remove your snow stakes and set them in your garage for next winter.  Those that are not picked up will be stored at the clubhouse.  Many of you have purchased your own stakes.
We are pleased to announce that we have contracted with the Why Not Today faith-based non-profit organization (www.whynottodayindiana.org) started by John and Joy Shews’ daughter & son-in-law.  They will provide the hard labor necessary for these projects along with Don & Becky Ulreys’ two grandsons. 
This will be a win-win for all involved, while saving us money.  Why Not Today (WNT) is a non-profit that was created to put a dent in hunger locally.  The WNT Farms grow fresh vegetables, fruits, and raises cattle and chickens to feed those locally in-need through the Hendricks County Food Coalition, Project Homeless Indy, and other Central Indiana food pantries.  We have 23 food pantries in Hendricks County alone.
When you see “our” local youth working in the Community in the next two weeks, take time to tell them thank you!
Election Committee:
Anne Inman is the only candidate for the open Board position.  She will be approved at the April Annual Meeting April 18th.  This will be a 3 year term.
Clubhouse Committee:
Residents reserving the clubhouse have done a great job keeping it clean. Thank you.
Communication Committee:
·       Updated inserts to last year’s community directory will be distributed this summer.
·       New weatherproof signs have been made to hang from the Clubhouse wood sign announcing HOA Meetings and social events.
·       Bill Jamerson will be posting the monthly HOA Meeting reminder signs at the entrances going forward.
Old Business:     None
New Business:
1.      Muskrats have been spotted swimming breaststroke in the two ponds on the north end of the neighborhood.  We will be granting permission to an experienced resident landowner to safely trap and euthanize the muskrats.  This will be a year-round effort to reduce the population and damage caused by their burrowing activity and bank dens.  Young muskrats are especially vulnerable to predation by owls, hawks, raccoons, and coyotes which helps to keep the population down.

2.     Tonight was the first special meeting to vote on the proposed signage and rental ban amendments.  Here are the results as of the March 21st meeting:
·       61#   Total Proxies/Ballots Cast out of 106# units
·       54%  Participation Percentage as of 3/21/19
·       45#   Proxies still outstanding
·       52#  “YES” Votes
·       9#    “NO”  Votes

3.     Next steps:   The Amendment Committee will be contacting the residents who have an outstanding proxy and ask them to be submitted. Your proxy/vote is important. Our goal is 100% participation. At a future special meeting, votes will be cast for these remaining proxies.  If you have already registered your proxy/vote you will not have to vote again. Keep in mind, we need a minimum of 75% (80# homeowner units) to vote “YES” for the proposed Amendments to be approved.  Technically, we have 180 days from when the proxies were issued to collect the remaining proxies. However, we hope to wrap this up in the next 4 weeks.
Questions have come up on the Sign Amendment. The proposed sign amendment is tied to the owner-occupancy amendment proposed. It does two things: (1) it eliminates “for rent” signs should the rental amendment be approved; (2) it updates the “political sign” language to match Indiana law. Current owners with rental units would be grandfathered in regards to rental signs. Should the amendments not be approved, we will still have to do an amendment to get our Covenants in line with Indiana law regarding political signs.
Just this week many of our homeowners have received “personalized” notes mailed to their home from companies wishing to buy up property in Waterford Lakes.  One of the primary objectives of the “owner occupancy” amendment is to prevent institutional/corporate buyers from coming into our community.  We are being targeted, because many of the communities like ours in Hendricks County, have rental bans already in place.
According to the proposed amendment any “new” owner will be bound to keep the home owner-occupied. However, current owners have been grandfathered. The Amendment takes into consideration estate planning for the future as most of our residents are retired or empty-nesters.  Part of that process may be placing your property in the name of a trust, a relative (child), etc.  Just because you may be no longer on the deed as a result of estate planning, you do not need to move!  That’s not what we are trying to accomplish by restricting rentals and other non-owner arrangements.           Contact Anne Inman @ 317-504-9268 or by email: anneinman1hotmail.com with any questions or points you need clarified.  We are still accepting outstanding proxies.
Door Prize Winner:          Anna Brown (Lake View Court)
Respectfully Submitted,

·      Annual Waterford Lakes HOA Meeting is Thursday, April 18th at 6:30pm
·      The Next Hendricks County Tox-Away Day is April 6th  8am-1pm @ Brownsburg High School
·      Free Heavy Trash & Shred Day also April 6th at the Public Works Salt facility behind Ashley Furniture (9am-1pm)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October 2018 Board Minutes

Waterford Lakes HOA Meeting Minutes & News
October 18, 2018

Attendees:    Board, PSG & 16 residents
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
September Minutes Approved

Treasurer’s Report (Don Ulrey):               Checking:                               $25,952
                                                                        Roofing Reserve:                  $103,870
                                                                        CD:                                          $51,357
                                                                        Profit/Loss (thru 9/30):        +$7563
                                                                        % of budget spent:              71%
Committee Reports:
Social Committee
1.     Holiday Open House Saturday, December 1st from  1-3PM:    We are asking residents with hobbies & talents to display them for your neighbors to enjoy.  We have artists, wood carvers, musicians as well as those with collections and crafts.  Contact Geri Conway (317-268-4353) if you would like to display your talents.  No RSVP necessary to attend the Open House.  Punch and finger foods will be provided by the Board and social committee.
2.     The Men’s Breakfast at Emmy’s is Saturday, November 10th at 9:30am.  Hope to see you there.
3.     Those who have signed up for the trip to the Ayres Tea Room on Friday, December 7th should meet at the Clubhouse at 9:45am. We will leave by 10am.  John Brewer is providing transportation.
4.     The next Ladies Lunch is Saturday, November 10th.  The ladies are going to Greencastle to eat at Almost Home.  RSVP to Janell Miller if you would like to go.  Driver’s will be provided.
5.     Becky Ulrey is organizing a monthly “Game Day” (Euchre, Mexican Dominos, etc) at the clubhouse beginning January.  Contact Becky at 317-272-4069 to sign up.  Both men & women residents are invited to join.
Clubhouse Committee:
Get your reservations into Brandon at PSG (317-837-9860) to reserve the clubhouse during the Holidays.  Dates already reserved include:  11/1, 11/11, 11/17, 11/22, 11/24, & 12/1.  Forms to reserve the clubhouse are on our website.
Architecture & Landscaping Committee:
1.      There have been requests to switch up the sequence of mowing. Those at the end feel the quality of mowing/trimming could be better if it wasn’t getting dark by the time their yards are done. Those in the early hours deal with the wet grass.  We will discuss this with Mr. Sandavol.
2.     The public sidewalk in front of Marilyn & Bill Bank’s home was redone recently.  This had been a tripping hazard.
3.     The leaves are falling a little later this year with the warm weather. We will have 1 or 2 more mows to mulch the leaves. Contact PSG if your gutters need cleaned after the leaves have fallen.
4.     Brandon at PSG is available for home improvement, handyman & landscaping projects if you have any needs.
Rental Amendment Committee:
The Committee will meet with Board, October 23rd, to discuss their recommendations.  You will be receiving a notice for a Special Meeting. At the Special Meeting, there will be an open forum and owners will vote on a resolution for the Board to move forward with a rental amendment.
Old Business:  None
New Business:                       
1.     The next HOA Meeting will be November 15th to present the 2019 Budget for approval.  You will be receiving the budget information with your minutes.

2.     It is Medicare Open Enrollment time.  We have a good resource in our neighborhood.  Gary Holder (178 Lake View Court) is a licensed health insurance agent who can assist you in finding the right plans for you. You can contact Gary at:  317-840-2836 or gholder@healthmarkets.com.

3.     We will be using email more to keep you current on community news & announcements.  We do not have everyone’s email address. You may email Anne at anneinman1@hotmail.com to get on the group email.

Door Prize:      Frank Roselli won the gift card.  He was nice enough to give it to Joe Richardson who couldn’t have been happier. Joe volunteers to distribute the minutes to your door.